New releases of our data at the UK Data Service

We’ve been overhauling our historical statistics held at the UK Data Service, hence the recent embargo of our data held there. When each dataset is ready it’ll be released under new easier access licence conditions (CC-BY-SA), complementing the download options on our own Vision of Britain site. We’ve done more cleaning, where possible added our gazetteer ID numbers to ease dataset matching and added lots of extra data and tables. Please bear with us, the process is on-going but takes a while as some tables are easier than others to update. To find our data search for ‘gbhd’ in the UK Data Service catalogue:

So far the re-released datasets include:

  • SN 4552: Mid-twentieth century Census education tables. For England and Wales the dataset was expanded from just 1951 to include 1961, but it also now includes Scotland 1951-61
  • SN 4561: Census data for social class and socio-economic groups. This release covers England and Wales 1931-1971 as before, but now also includes Scotland 1951-1971
  • SN 4557: The single table on marital status in 1931 in Scotland which now includes the rows for Aberdeen that were missing from the previous release!
  • SN 4554: Housing density tables for England and Wales have had 1911 and 1951 added to the existing 1901 to 1971 range.
  • SN 4553: Housing amenities tables (formerly called housing conditions), still cover 1951 to 1971 for England and Wales, but now also include Scotland for the same dates.

There are also completely new datasets which include:

  • SN 8960: A new Census dataset for housing density in Scotland for 1911 to 1971, but excluding 1921
  • SN 8945: An 1851 British education data which is unusual as it’s from a special volume which was not repeated in the other nineteenth century Censuses
  • SN 8995: A new Census category, housing tenure. It just covers 1961, but has tables for both England and Wales and for Scotland
  • SN 8994: A new deposit of the Strike Register 1903-1938 for every fifth year (no gazetteer IDs have been included in this table).

Some of our datasets held at the UK Data Service have not had their content updated, however we have re-released them with more open licence conditions. These include:

  • SN 4558: Census migration tables 1851-1951
  • SN 4564: wage statistics for towns 1845-1906
  • SN 4565: hours of work statistics for 1900-1913
  • SN 4565: small debt statistics, 1847-1938
  • SN 4569: trade union statistics, 1851-1918.

Finally we discovered there must have been some confusion about versions at some point in the past. We found some of the datasets from our original deposit had been replaced with newer versions of the same data but in different Data Service study numbers. To eliminate this duplication and make it clearer to Data Service users which is the most up-to-date versions of the data they should be using we’ve removed access to the really old versions which will remain embargoed permanently. Instead, pressing the “Access data” button will give a documentation page containing a hyperlink to the newer version of the same material in the catalogue. These include:

  • old set SN3710 replaced by SN4564 and SN4565
  • old set SN3712 replaced by SN4569
  • old set SN3714 replaced by SN4568.

We’ll keep this blog and Twitter (@gbhgis) updated as and when other new releases happen.


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Senior Research Associate on the Great Britain Historical GIS Project, the team behind the website 'A Vision of Britain through Time'
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