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Planned downtime: Saturday 17th January 2015 9am – 4pm (GMT)

The infrastructure that our sites and services run on is being upgraded.  Whilst this is happening the Vision of Britain and related web sites and services will be completely, or partly, unavailable between 9 am and 4 pm on Saturday 17th January … Continue reading

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New travel writing: Thomas Pennant’s tour of Scotland in 1769

We have just added another tour to our collection of travel writing. This is Thomas Pennant’s A Tour in Scotland 1769, joining his later The Journey from Chester to London (1780). The book ends with a simple list of the … Continue reading

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Starting a long goodbye to .jsp

We went live with a couple of new features today. URL rewriting: If you look at your browser’s address bar, for many pages it will now display a shorter address. For example, the “place page” for Evesham is now: reading

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We now have more detailed Irish historical maps

We are continuing to improve our coverage of Ireland. Up to now, the only historical mapping was what we have for more or less the whole of Europe: 1:500,000 maps published by the British General Staff Geographical Survey in the … Continue reading

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New travel writer: William Gilpin, Observations on the River Wye

We have just added another book to our collection of historical British travel writing, William Gilpin’s Observations of the River Wye, and several parts of South Wales (London: Cadell Junior and W. Davies, 1800), describing journeys along the whole length … Continue reading

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Adding the Isle of Man

The original Britain was strictly limited to England, Scotland and Wales. We are working on adding Ireland, and you will already find a few Irish “places” in the system. Recently we have made a more modest extension, to the Isle … Continue reading

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Improvements to our “Places” gazetteer

We have just made some changes to our list of “places”. Firstly, back when we first created the “places” gazetteer in 2004, its core was a list of all Civil Parishes in 1911. As a result the gazetteer contained a … Continue reading

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