Don’t Lose Your Way

An estimated 10,000 miles of footpaths across England and Wales are under threat of being lost forever, but today marks the beginning of a new digital project to identify them all before it is too late.

We’re supporting the Ramblers’ new campaign ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’ to help map these paths and it uses the footpath information that was gathered during our GB1900 project to help identify possible locations.Square find map save twotone 2

While our paths are often taken for granted, they allow everyone to enjoy the countryside  and connect us to our history within the landscape. However, many footpaths are not recorded on the definitive map of rights of way. If they are not found and added by the cut-off date in 2026 when the final map must be completed, they could be lost forever.

To meet the deadline, the Ramblers are asking people to help. They have launched a new online tool that splits the country into 150,000 1km squares and makes it easy to compare current and historic maps side by side. You can start using it now by joining the search at:



About Paula

Senior Research Associate on the Great Britain Historical GIS Project, the team behind the website 'A Vision of Britain through Time'
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