Download problem for protected data resolved

We think we’ve resolved the issues that registered UK Federation users were having with downloading our protected data from A Vision of Britain through Time.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

N.B. For the time being you may find it requires two attempts to receive the first requested data set.



About Paula

Senior Research Associate on the Great Britain Historical GIS Project, the team behind the website 'A Vision of Britain through Time'
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3 Responses to Download problem for protected data resolved

  1. rlloyd1blueyondercouk says:

    Hi Paula, I was wondering if you could advise me on downloading census population data from the website (1911 – 1971) for parishes / UD / MB / CB….etc for England and Wales, and Burghs in Scotland. I have tried in the past but failed, leaving me to resort to manually transposing the data from website to spreadsheet.

    I’ve been working on this for some time, so I would be very grateful.

    • Paula says:

      To download statistics you need to go to the Data access section and choose the tab for either ‘Statistics by location’ or ‘Statistics by topic’.

      Use the Statistics by location tab if you want information pertaining to a particular place/area. You will need to pan/zoom the map window to cover your area of interest. Choose your theme, date range and geographical level and click the search button. You will be presented with a page listing the relevant administrative units for the area visible in the map window and the statistics available for each of these units with date(s). Use the tick boxes to choose all you need and click download.

      Use the Statistics by topic tab if you want overall coverage. Choose your theme and you will be presented with a page of metadata about the data in that theme. Scroll down to find the datasets/ncubes section – these are where you find the data values you can actually download. Choose an entity by clicking on the hyperlink. If the data is downloadable it will appear at the top of the resulting page with a scrolling list of types of administrative unit and dates available. Choose the relevant one and click download. N.B. You can only choose one at a time here.

      Once you click download on either method you will then need to answer the questions, read and accept the terms and conditions and then the download should proceed.

    • RICHARD J LLOYD says:

      Hi Paula

      What’s happened to the website?
      Please tell me it’s coming back.


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