Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused if you find A Vision of Britain though Time down at any point over the next few days. We’re working on the final stages of a new release of the system so there may be periods when the website is down or not working fully whilst we iron out any last minute issues. We will try to keep disruption to a minimum.


About Paula

Senior Research Associate on the Great Britain Historical GIS Project, the team behind the website 'A Vision of Britain through Time'
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2 Responses to AT RISK PERIOD: This week

  1. Richard Lloyd says:

    “We are sorry, but we don’t have any Boundary map sheets at this scale for this region.”

    What have you done to my beloved website? I can’t get any old boundary maps up anymore. All I get is the above message.

    Please would you put it back to the way it was.

    Thank you.

    • Paula says:

      Dear Richard. If it was not clear from the original blog post, the risk of downtime this week includes partial functionality, i.e. you may be able to see the site, but not everything will necessarily work properly. The post has been amended to reflect this. Thank-you for your interest in our website.

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