Vision of Britain 2.5 goes live

We are now running a new version of the web site A Vision of Britain through Time on a new server.

There are a lot of changes, and we will be making a whole series of posts about them, but for now we need to apologise for the glitches, one of which is still affecting the site.

The new server has been running since before Easter, and we have spent a lot of time fixing problems with it. However, as it was not the production site until yesterday it had to be running at a different address, and the problems we have been having for the last day are ones that only showed up when we changed addresses.

The remaining big problem we know about is that access to individual historical maps is not working correctly: the IIPImage viewer comes up, but it cannot find its map tiles. We were having a different but related problem with access to the same historical maps from the separate Old Maps Online portal, and John Westwood from our team stayed up late last night and fixed that — so give Old Maps Online a try.

About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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